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SSDs & Other Upgrades

Make your desktop or notebook PC better than new with an upgrade to SSD. We also offer graphics, RAM, CPU, Motherboard, PSU, cooling system, lighting system upgrades and more.

Super fast!

Solid state technology is here to stay and its magnificent! With a new SSD installed to replace the native hard drive of your Desktop or Notebook PC will work faster than ever before. Up to 20 x faster!

Keep all your programs, data and settings

WPN Technology will handle all the hard work for you. We’ll clone your old operating system onto the new SSD as a complete image, in doing so retaining all of your programs, settings and data. Even your desktop picture will be as you left it so you can carry on right where you left off, only much faster than before!

A fit for any system

There are many different form factors of SSD to choose from so let us help you choose the right fit for you. Gaming and design machines may like to make use of PCI-e ports for maximum speed, others may only need a SATA drive replacement. Whatever the machine, give us a call today and we’ll see what we can do to get it up to the pace you require.

Custom gaming, graphic design and crypto-mining machines made to order.

WPN Technology has an outstanding history of great high power builds made to outperform the rest. If you’re looking for something a bit more than average or a powerhouse capable of running all the latest VR and graphics processing technology, then you’ve come to the right place. 

Customised to your needs

We’ll build to budget, purpose, order, power requirement or aesthetic taste. If RGB Lights are your thing we can make a virtual nebula in your room, or for subtle quiet performance we can set up a new liquid cooled system ideal for driving those 8k videos on your 90″ monitor without sounding like a jet is taking off (not such a problem if you’re playing the new flight simulator). Whatever your requirements, WPN Technology will happily be your guide.

Cutting edge technology

At WPN we pride ourselves on keeping up to date with the latest technology and nothing brings us more joy than to bring that technology into your home or workplace and make it work for you.

Being at the bleeding edge can have its drawbacks however, often the cost is higher and one can end up an unwitting beta tester for new software or hardware that quickly becomes unsupported.  WPN will be your guide to help you choose the right new piece of technology to suit your needs so you don’t get left behind.


Custom Desktop Computers, Workstations and Servers

Having your device custom built can save you time, data, stress and money. Don’t rely on all in one solutions with unknown brands of internal components to keep your data safe. Even though they seem attractive when it comes to warranty if it won’t turn on and your data is still on there or you only have access to the one machine things can get very tricky. 

Custom built machines are more cost effective, reliable, upgradeable, repairable and can be built upon slowly, starting from a basic machine and planning upgrades in the future to fit a budget or increasing workload.


Device Repair & Troubleshooting

Professional Diagnostics & Repair of any PC related devices including mobiles, tablets, printers or other peripherals with nearly 2 decades industry experience in environments from corporate systems through to private and residential.

Diagnostics & Repair

We’ll ensure that the problem is correctly diagnosed / repaired at the highest possible standard and you’ll be advised comprehensively on what went wrong, so avoiding future occurrences.


Should your device be discovered to be in need of hardware or software upgrades to regain functionality, with your approval we can source the parts or software updates you need and have them fitted and configured ready for you to keep working at peak efficiency.

Wide range of Devices Supported

We’re able to diagnose and repair a wide range of electronic devices including but not limited to: 

  • Personal Computers
  • Notebooks/Laptops
  • Mobile/Smart Devices
  • Printers/Scanners/Multifunction Devices
  • CRT/LCD/LED Monitors
  • Projectors
  • Smart Boards
  • Smart TV’s
  • Digital Recorders
  • Gaming Consoles and other Multimedia Equipment.

Virus, Spyware, Malware & Adware Removal

WPN Technology uses various specialist software and techniques to remove unwanted software from your devices.

Act Fast!

If you suspect your system has become infected don’t hesitate to contact us today. WPN Technology has specialist industry experience in professional removal techniques that will not harm your data and allow you to get back to work faster without having to wait days for disinfection, data backup and restoration to a cleanly reinstalled operating system.

Most malware can be removed

Most forms of Malicious Software (Malware) can be removed if attended to quickly. WPN Technology can deal with most Viruses, Spyware, Keyloggers, Webcam loggers, Trackers, Adware, Browser infections, Bloatware, and Trojans including some encryption ransomware. 

Backup & Recovery services available

Should the situation already be too dire to recover the operating system; we have means of backing up your data and isolating it from infectious software so that your hard drive can be safely wiped and the operating system reinstalled.

You will need to either supply or be supplied with storage medium for the backing up process which can be as small as a USB stick or a large external hard drive depending on the amount of data required to be salvaged. Any third party software that you downloaded seperately will also need to be reinstalled so please let us know on booking in.

Network & Connectivity

WPN Technology has nearly 2 decades of experience with large-scale corporate network systems through to small private and residential networks.

Network Implementation

Whether you’re extending coverage of WiFi over your home or need a multi-floor wired network setup in your home or office; WPN Technology has you covered.

We’ll work with you to plan and design your network based on your requirements. We can acquire all the components, install, configure and test all is working correctly so you can get under way with your business.


If your current network is misbehaving or slowing down it could be in need of replacement components in the chain or server updates/hardware maintenance. WPN Technology can diagnose your network and help get it back up to standard fast. 

Home NAS solutions

With a lot of small businesses running from home and gaming enthusiasts requiring large volumes of storage, Network Attached Storage (NAS) solutions have surged in popularity.

We can get a NAS set up in your home or small office to your size requirements from small 2 drive devices up to a whopping 24 drives. These self contained devices act like a file server in your home or office allowing you to remotely store and access vast quantities of data across all of your networked devices.

NAS devices also protect your data from loss through hardware failures as the data is striped across the drives in RAID (a form of data mirroring) that allows one or more drives to fail without losing your data.


Data Management, Backup, & Recovery

WPN Technology understands the importance of data and takes data handling practices very seriously. 

Data loss prevention

Don’t miss a beat when it comes to your backing up regime. WPN Technology will help you set up a reliable, regular backup solution for your data protection needs that can be automated or manual to your preference.

High volume data backup and monitoring

If you need to back up large quantities of data we can help you to find the best solution for your specific environment, We support most forms of digital media including the new tape resurgence so you can carry on working while we automate a robust solution for you. On premises or cloud integrated backup system solutions available, managed or unattended.

Data recovery and transfer

Accidentally deleted some data? Wiped your hard drive? PC encrypted by a trojan? There can be many reasons why your valuable data is currently inaccessible. WPN Technology has a plethora of data recovery tools and software so drop your device in to us today for a diagnostic and recovery quote.

Cloud Services

Accessing your files from anywhere and all internet ready devices has never been easier.

WPN Technology can guide you to the best cloud based solution for your mobile storage and access needs. 

Access your files from anywhere you get internet

Turn your mobile device or tablet into a full home office with the power of cloud computing. Using your choice of a huge variety of available services, you’ll be able to access all of your documents, photo’s, videos and more from any internet ready device. 

Never worry about backing up again!

Backing up your data can be a laborious task but a crucially important one. If you would like some peace of mind without the headache of scheduling backups and ensuring all devices are on for their backup schedule, then a cloud solution may be the best choice for you.

Most cloud based storage subscriptions have a history feature which allows you to roll back to before files go missing. Also your files are stored safely on large well maintained serves with multiple failovers mirrored around the world to ensure it never gets lost because of physical hardware failures.

 If you lose any or all of your devices to any cause you can always access your data from a new device, a borrowed one or even an internet cafe!

Secure Access

Using services recommended by WPN Technology you can rest assured your data is in safe hands. Dual endpoint encryption and the protection of your log in credentials keeps your data behind a solid defence barrier.

So long as you don’t leave your cloud solution logged in on devices used by others or without a secure password it’s much safer than being on any devices local storage that can be removed and read very easily even after deletion.

Cyber Security

Keeping your devices secure on the web has never been so crucial.

We increasingly rely on digital medium to complete sensitive tasks like banking, accounts and legal correspondence. Online shopping and any other time you enter personal details your security is at risk.

Browse Safely

WPN Technology will help you maximise your security and advise you of the safest browsing practices for your individual needs.

Email Safely

An ever strong source of infection and subsequent data compromisation is email. With the correct settings in place and guided safe practices most email threats can be mitigated. We’ll help you get email working safely for you.


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Love your work.. you makes my computer feel brand new everytime!! 5 stars



This guy really knows his stuff and once he took online control of my PC he clearly located and explained my PC issues without confusion.



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