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Hardware Diagnostics & Repair

If you’re having issues with Hardware across any PC related device (including mobiles and peripherals), WPN Technology should be your first point of call.
We’ll ensure that the problem is correctly diagnosed and repaired at the highest possible standards of quality.
You will also be advised comprehensively on what went wrong and how to avoid future occurrences.

Custom PC Builds
  • Custom Built PC/Workstations
  • Custom Built Performance Machines (Pro-Gaming/Graphic Design/Crypto-Mining Purposes)
  • Custom Built Servers
  • Tight-Budget Builds
  • Tailored to your individual requirements; functional and aesthetic. 
Cyber Security

We increasingly rely on digital medium to complete sensitive tasks like banking, accounts and legal correspondence. Online shopping and any other time you enter personal details your security is at risk.

WPN Technology will help you maximise your security and advise you of the safest browsing practices for your individual needs.

Virus Removal

If you suspect your system has become infected, don’t keep working and hope it will go away. Please shutdown and disconnect from the internet immediately to prevent further devices being infected through your network (if you can do so safely). Don’t hesitate to contact us by phone today if you’re uncertain in any way or need to book in your machine for our specialist disinfection services.

Remote Support

With current events at hand many of us are being forced to work from home. Fortunately, for many problems with your PC, workstation or notebook that don’t affect the internet connection or ability to log in. we’re able to offer quick and convenient remote support solutions which do not require you to leave your home, nor seat, nor let anybody into your house / workplace.

With nearly 2 decades industrial experience in environments from large-scale corporate systems through to small private and residential networks. Let WPN Technology be your first point of call.

Data Backup and Recovery

Don’t miss a beat when it comes to your backing up regime. WPN Technology will help you set up a reliable and regular backup solution for your data protection needs including automation.

If you’ve lost access to your device or have accidentally deleted some photos or files that weren’t backed up, we can attempt a professional data recovery for you using our specialist recovery software and tools,

Cloud Computing

Integrate your data access and backup solutions to the cloud today and get access to the additional security benefits and data loss prevention infrastructures. WPN Technology will get you up to date with cloud based storage solutions and help you drastically increase your online productivity.